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Being the Ricardo's [Review]: Love on a One Way Street.

The classic tv show “ I Love Lucy” is a show that broke a lot of barriers. Barriers that opened ideas of slapstick comedy that is seen in today’s tv shows, movies, and streaming networks. During my childhood years, I would enjoy watching the reruns of the show, as well as assuming that Lucllie and Dezi had a loving marriage. After watching ‘Being the Ricardos', well, I was astounded and amazed by how director and writer, Aaron Sorkin, have taken the movie in another direction. The movie revolves around Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's bitter marriage. Lucille Ball (played by Nicole Kidman), is featured as the ambitious actress that wants to be known as a serious actress and works towards making the show a complete success. Desi Arnaz (played by Javier Bardem), is featured as the multi-talented actor and musician that is the backbone of the power couple. Both Ball and Arnaz helped change Hollywood with their very own production company, “Desilu”, to filming in California instead of New York; and being filmed in front of a live audience. The movie, however, displayed a bittersweet love between the couple on and off the set.

As mentioned, it shows the Ricardos at the height of their career. I believe that the movie made Ball ‘the protagonist’, and Arnaz ‘the sidekick’. There was one scene where Arnaz was performing at a nightclub, but all the attention was on Ball as she sat at the table and supported her husband, but was swamped by fans and reporters. Another scene was when both actors announced to the executives and director that they were expecting a baby. Again the attention was on Ball as she fought to keep the scene of adding both their son on the show; Arnaz however, seemed more like a sheep from Ball's ambitious demands.

I felt that the movie would have portrayed more for both characters instead of just one. Plus, It would have been juicier if the movie had more of a backstory of when the Ricardos met, and Arnaz’s infidelity between Lucy and their rocky marriage. The movie, however, gives viewers an aspect of life on the set in the 1950s of when scripts and stories must maintain a soft image of married couples living arrangements. However, both Lucy and Desi shine by becoming Hollywood’s power couple which led to bitterness and mischiefs.


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