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Clickbait Review: Once you click; you're hooked

Entertaining LA: Clickbait Netflix Review

Clickbait is an eight-part Netflix series, and it is already receiving buzz about the plot, twist, and suspense that not only captivates one but multiple characters. in which stars Adrian Grenier, Betty Gabriel , Phoenix Raei, and Zoe Kazan. The series premiered on Netflix, in which begins with Nick Brewer, played by Grenier, a family man that appears to have it all with his loving wife, played by Gabriel, and his three children. As the series progresses, he shows up in a viral online video after being abducted and confesses about abusing women. Holding up a sign that says he’ll die once the video reaches 5 million views.

The series continues circulating in multiple directions that captivates the characters. In the first episode, viewers are introduced to Brewer's sister, Pia, played by Kazan as they show to have a love-hate relationship. She reveals her love for her brother after seeing the video and races to save his life.

The series also dives into unexpected turns as viewers dive into the lives of detective Rosham Amir, played by Raei. Raei is relieved as ‘the lone wolf’’ as he digs deeper into finding Brewer, however, he shares a soft side, especially working alongside Pia and Brewer’s wife, played by Gabriel, who happens to have a few secrets of her own.

The two-part finale will shock viewers as the killer is revealed, as well as, showing the reason for Brewer's abduction. The series has gotten my attention since the first episode, and also gives me the impression of “Who is behind Brewer's abduction”?


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