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Our Kind of People: A New Dynasty at its Finest. (Entertaining LA Review)

Some of you may have watched Dynasty during the 1980s; others may have heard of the series or was too young to remember. Well, in that case, Fox’s new drama series, “Our Kind of People”, is the new Dynasty. The series is created by Karin Gist (Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge) and executive produced by Lee Daniels (Empire, Star).

Picture courtesy of FOX

The series features an all-star cast that is filled with secrets, lies and a lot of eye-catching subplots. Yaya Decosta, (Lifetime Movie 'Whitney’); stars as Angela Vaughn, a hair specialist and entrepreneur that travels alongside her aunt, played by Debbi Morgan, and daughter Nikki, played by Alana Bright, from Boston to Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts to reclaim her family name, and fortune. In the season opener, viewers get a taste of Vaugh's childhood of ‘how’ and ‘why’ her estranged father abandons her and her mother. Vaugh believes that she and her family have been trampled and written out of her estranged father's benefits which happens to be one of Oak Bluffs’ wealthiest families, ‘The Franklin-Duponts’.

The first episode that aired Tuesday, September 24th also gave viewers a glance inside of the upper-class lifestyle of the Dupont; a self-made family that owns a successful company and takes pride in their wealthy heritage. Vaughn, however, doesn’t get a glamorous welcome; instead gets into a bitter rivalry with Leah Franklin Dupont, played by Nadie Ellis. Dupont fears that Vaugh will stop at nothing to reclaim her mother’s name, which will smear the Dupont legacy. Also starring in the series is Morris Chestnut, Lance Gross, Rhyon Nicole Brown, and Raven Goodwin.

The series has the Dynasty feel of a rich family that contains tons of secrets, as well as family members prying for fortune and power. Our Kind of People partakes more of a modern-day soap opera fixture where people get a feel of Vaugh pain and wait to see what will become of the Franklin-Duponts.

Our Kind of People airs Tuesdays on Fox

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