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Lizzo is Bringing Her Squad in a New Reality Series

Lizzo can't do no wrong. She is a rapper, singer, songwriter, musician and dancer. Now, just added 'Producer' to the list in new reality / competition show call, "Lizzo's Watch out for the Big Girrrrls" that aired on Amazon Prime last month. Thirteen dancers compete to take part in Lizzo's dance crew for her performances and her upcoming tour.

(Photo courtesy from Amazon Prime)

The competition is full of surprises as dancers shimmied, shaked, stomped and yes flipped to the beat of Megan the Stallion, Cardi B, Dua Lipa and a list of other music artists. Watching the first episode, viewers are introduced to dancers that audition to choreography; and dance to their own vibe in the freestyle segment. Lizzo is surprised that each dancer have their own fire and routines. Plus, she can relate to each dancer for being their own true self, as well as the backlash they face for being plus size dancers. Lizzo gets harass for being a plus size performer. In a few episodes, she does break down and explain to the dancers about the backlash. "Girls who look like me just don't get representation" she said, in a interview at South at Southwest. She also explains that it is difficult to find plus size dancers. She explain in the interview that she put out an open casting call for dancers. This gave her the idea for the reality show.

In the first episode, she talks about the importance of finding her own dancers. Lizzo is serious about finding 'dancers, and not a dancer'. She also tells the dancers that their are thirteen dancers but only ten spots. Each week a dancer is sent home, but often time a dancer gets to stay in the game. Lizzo explains, "It was also important that I changed the narrative of what a reality television show looks like. We don’t always have to be cruel. It’s hard enough in the dance world already for girls who look like me. So why would I create that environment in my space?” Indeed Lizzo has changed the game. She also explains, “If I sent everyone home, I wouldn’t have dancers. I needed dancers, man,”. With that idea, Lizzo created the reality show.

Lizzo also created the competition to be a safe haven for dancers as they too have been criticized about their looks. Lizzo can relate as she has been, [and still] being criticized about her looks. In each episode, Lizzo and her guest judges help guide the dancers through their routines and the self esteem. In episode four, the ladies pose nude. A few dancers were taken a back for showing some skin due to fact of their body size where not perfect. Some dancers and guest judge help them conquer their fear. Later on, they hit the stage writing negative words on a glass mirror and smashing through all of the negativity they have experienced.

This show is not your typical hair pulling, cat fighting, drama antics type of show. It is a show that feature dances from different backgrounds, and body shapes that bring the noise and the funk. Lizzo is continuing to break barriers through her body positivity and her stage presence. With her new shapewear line and album on the way...Who knows what Lizzo has up her sleeves. Catch "Lizzo Watch Out for the Big Girrrls" on Amazon Prime.


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